Thursday, 16 June 2016

Just a test

I've recently made a change to my music listening habits. Gone is the preselection of only having a couple of albums on my phone, slowly I will fit it all on.

Partly this is because I miss having access too all my music; partly this is down to taking time on holiday to listen to an album in full.

With that in mind, expect more 'reviews' of what I'm listening, starting today. This morning I've got the Beastie Boys's Hello Nasty playing. This record is always a revelation, starts off bold and then continues to rise. I'm always thrown by the sequence of Remote Control into Song For The Man. 

Intergalactic is one of my most favourite songs. All the elements that go into that song, all the cultural references, both at the time and those that came later (Star Trek Into Darkness, anyone, or Star Wars The Force Awakens).

Underneath it all is simple messages told clearly. To borrow a line from Super Disco Breakin' "because when we're getting down we are all equal."

This is evermore relevant this week and for the future.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016


Pre-work poetry practice, going through my notebook to find the following lines.

22/3 -
Tin foil, tin can.
Those are the lips that kissed,
The lips that she kissed.

25/4 -
Présélection téléphonique.

And 27/5 -
'Your expanded LAN is the wide, wide world,'
Sometimes more, always growing.

Like the band James, over time pages and pages of scribbled notes become a stanza or two, whittled down through drafts until there's something there.