Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Bears! Woods! News! Bears in the Woods News

A special message from our editor-in-chief, or chief editor as they are know on the continent:

How did you get my contact details, though men at the witness protection agency said I would be untraceable. Untraceable.

Did Rory McRory-Rory send you? Tell him he's not having any more of Poppy's fingers, we've learnt our lesson, he'll get gnomes.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Planetine: Yellow-Seventeen

While going through some old notebooks belonging to infrequent writer, sometime poet, and some time musician James Dustjacket, the administrative archivist James Corah found a recurring reference to the planet Yellow-Seventeen.

Yellow-Seventeen is not of this planet. Yellow-Seventeen is unknowable to this planet.

This large body of planetary uncertainty troubled James Dustjacket. What if through words there was a way to explore Yellow-Seventeen, what if we could gain knowledge of the unknowable.

Embarking on a voyage of lightyears' of prose, James Dustjacket left the administrative archivist James Corah the task of finding the best, most descriptive passages about Yellow-Seventeen and Dustjacket's time there.

About the project. I spotted Ryan's intriguing invitation for Planetine and wanted to get involved. Aside from the science fiction aspect there is also the element of how we speculate on the unknown and how we represent this uncertainty. Initially I started with the plan of writing Senryƫ, hence the planet's name, though as I progressed I found myself fighting my favoured form. Seventeen will feature in some way. So will the word 'yellow.'

But with this yellow no one needs to worry about having their house/planet of residence bulldozed/demolished for a village/hyper-space bypass.

Well, not yet, anyway.

Details: Planetine