Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Discreet (Misty Mountain) Music

I am in planning for my next tattoo. The hope is to incorporate many of the things that inspire me and have affected my life, from H2G2 to Judge Dredd, Usagi Yojimbo to music, all the endless, endless music. It is going to take some time, and it's probably going to look a little bit complicated.

One image I would like to include is the operation diagram from Brian Eno's Discreet Music. The music on this means a lot to me, both the composition and the means it was created. There's a randomness to the title track, actual, almost limitless melodies. When someone says "there's only so much you can do with music" with the air that it was somehow better years ago I only think no! There will always be boundaries to push and stretch.

The end of the year was marked by a trip to Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk. Wednesdays are market days it seems, regardless to the proximity to public celebrations of making through another night, and the market spreads over a square and surrounding streets. There's a record stall, positioned in such a way that the wind cuts up the hill it stands on. I do not know how often Misty Mountain Music appears at Bury's market, it's not the evil layer in Krull, but it was good to see. A lot of people like me checked out the stock and bought stuff.

Perhaps I flicked through the records longer than most. I was mightily cold and can only imagine how cold the stall holder felt at the end of the day. I managed to find two records, Eno's Discreet Music and Kraftwerk's Trans-Europe Express. I was really impressed with the prices and the range of stock, I could have come away with more than just two records.

Brian Eno, Discreet Music, Kraftwerk, Trans-Europe Express,
Misty Mountain Music, market stall,
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

Resurrected from an earlier, lost post.